£50 Voucher Terms and Conditions

Voucher Offer

We would like to thank you for using Energy 4 You and hope you enjoy using your voucher! Please review the following information, which will help you use your voucher.

How to redeem your voucher:

To redeem and/or book an appointment with your local representative you have the following options:

  1. Call 0115 822 9730, have your voucher ready as you will need the voucher code
  2. Email, provide us with your voucher number, business name, contact name and telephone number.


Conditions to redeem Energy 4 You Vouchers:

To be eligible for cash back you must submit an application, to switch your energy tariff and/or supplier, directly through Energy 4 You within the designated timeframe. All successful applications will be paid the applicable cash back by Energy 4 You in accordance with the terms and conditions stated.

The offer applies to all commercial tariffs available directly through Energy 4 You. For the avoidance of doubt, domestic energy tariffs are excluded from this promotion.

This offer is valid from 00:01 on February 5th 2016 with a shelf life of 12 months from issue and cannot be back-dated to include energy transfers already arranged prior to the start date of this offer.

The cash back amount is £50 per customer and is limited to 1 (one) claim per business premises.

This cash back promotion cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other offers or cash back promotions.

An application will be classified as successful when a status is reported back to Energy 4 You by the chosen supplier declaring it is successful, i.e. the customer is on supply.

Customers entitled to receive cash back will receive the payment within 8 weeks after the contract live date.

Energy 4 You will pay all successful switches £50 of cash back via cheque sent via post to the billing address submitted in the application.

Energy 4 You reserve the right to withhold cash back on applications that appear fraudulent until fully investigated.

This offer is limited and Energy 4 You reserve the right to remove, or alter it, without prior notice at any time.

Energy 4 You’s decision is final in all matters relating to this promotion.