Recently we have worked with a multi-site customer with four convenience stores around the Nottingham area to assist with managing various energy contracts. This involved a thorough procurement through our vast quantity of suppliers, timely terminations, implementation of new contracts and full account management for the contract terms.

Our customer was facing different renewal dates, various suppliers, unknown contract terms; this was a mine field to work with for him. Energy 4 You as a consultant were able to adopt all existing contracts and start work immediately.

How it looked for the customer?

The customer was able to continue with his businesses without disruption of having to sit down for hours of negotiating, analysing and ultimately using his time to find the best deals. The hard work sat in our hands, the decision sat in his hands.

‘Energy 4 You helped me make on average 10% annual savings per site and managed every shop’s energy for me through the transition. I would highly recommend Energy 4 You to anyone who is looking to save money on the energy bills and have a great service to follow. Thanks’ – Vick, Shop Owner