At Energy 4 You, we acknowledge that actually a customer needs both service and savings in order to maximise their purchase.

Only this week, we have been working closely with a customer who has just taken over a property with 4 businesses/tenants occupying the property. As expected the customer has had a lot of work to get his I’s dotted and t’s crossed so he turned to Energy 4 You for assistance on the energy procurement and invoicing.

To start, our customer was unaware of the process that is involved in what’s called a ‘change of tenancy’ in the energy world. This is the first part of securing the correct account holder’s name and the process usually takes around 6-8 weeks to complete. Energy 4 You were able to collect all of the relevant information in order to talk to the suppliers on our customer’s behalf, Energy 4 You were able to sharpen the process due to our strong relationship with the suppliers and they were also able to collect all of the accurate consumption and meter details to be able to put the tendor to market. What did the customer have to do, you ask? Well, a meter reading, supply us with some personal details and that was it. The rest was in our hands!

Now, what I haven’t mentioned so far is the customer is actually solely after service through the many conversations we have had and isolated their ‘need’. Split invoicing is a must in this business because of the four tenants within the building. Previously, the landlord would receive the invoice and have to then produce individual invoices to the tenants based on their consumption. As a result, firstly this may not be 100% accurate to tenants and secondly, it’s using up valuable time of the landlord which he doesn’t need to be doing.

So, what we needed to implement was the ‘solution’. The solution involved, inviting split invoicing so that the individual tenants get billed separately direct from the supplier (much easier and frees up the new landlord’s time by 5 hours per month, he claimed) plus, competitive procurement. I don’t want to hold the conversation on this area too much however, Energy 4 You also integrated a 16% annual saving from the previous year!

Service Vs Savings? Is the customer happy?

‘I am so pleased that Energy 4 You were able to get the invoicing sorted; it’s made my life just that little bit easier, one less worry on my mind every month. Their professionalism and sharpness to serve was incredible and a great bunch to work with. An added bonus, they gave us a great saving for the tenants! Thank you’