The skill and expertise offered by Energy 4 You, plus the personal relationship struck up with the team, proved crucial in clinching the deal.


“It was the skills of the team on the ground that have been the deciding factor in securing our contract.


“There are always companies out there seeking to offer alternative energy incentives but the reality is that on paper their service does not compare to Energy 4 You’s – there is no like for like.”


The possibility of bespoke pricing tailored to meet their individual customer requirements fitted perfectly with the Shopping Centre’s goal of squeezing out unnecessary costs with a valuable source of additional revenue for the centre.


“Energy 4 You promised to deliver more than just savings and bespoke pricing, they are living up to that pledge with well-mannered and expert personnel, a first class response and pick up time with my account manager should an issue arise.


“Doing business with Energy 4 You has certainly proved to be hassle free and a pleasure to work with.”