Energy 4 You are going strong this winter, uniting customers across the city, educating and engaging the importance of getting on top of your energy bills. Our ethos is standing tall and brave, just how it should be amongst our customers; “To provide the small and medium business owner with a simple lower cost energy switching service to deliver savings.”

We work with an array of customers in many different industries, most recently working with an Insurance Broker based in Nottingham. It all started at a Networking event that we attended and were kindly approached by our ‘now’ customer wanting to enquire a little more about our business. The journey started.

Our customer did the shopping around of the energy market in previous years when the renewal of his energy bills came around, as they do year on year which is exactly what we want to encourage, loyalty these days does not lie with your current supplier. Being an owner of a business, our customer has very little time to dedicate to shopping around the energy market as much as they would like. This is where we stepped in.

By highlighting areas for improvement within the purchasing of their energy and goals that customer wanted to achieve by using us, we were able to go away with a crystal clear idea on what solution was needed to put in place. Our customer’s goal; to save where possible and take the hassle and worry of his energy contracts out of his hands.

Firstly, we were able to present a 7.5% annual saving on their electricity contract which equated to around £700 per year. Secondly, we were able to do the shopping, termination, and activation (yet to go live) all on the customer’s behalf which meant, the customers goals were met, the savings were made, the service at Energy 4 You has proved it works over and over again.

The customer journey doesn’t end here, it starts here.